We value human-human connection, we convert machine language (some of our customer say it's an alien language) into easy to understand by humans.
We provide more visibility to our work what we are doing. Give you a plan.
We are more transparent, nothing to hide, by giving you the realistic picture of what's involved, $$$.
Gain your trust. Keep you informed throughout our journey.
Talk to us we will understand

$ Cost Management

Your every penny is worth to us, we utilize in a best possible manner. Let's talk simple, we can suggest you whether you need a car or a truck. Really! Well the things we use in our real life or that are physical which we can see or other friends/ family is using. Its more easire to make opinion. But in software its hard to get head around which is best for me. Here comes us where we can suggest to use a free website for your personal blog or you need really a serious heavy load server.

We are using the latest technologies, software solutions, tools & techniques which greatly enhanced our ability to built the solutions on one of each other instead of dumping the solution and built a new one from scratch. This one will really save you serious money $$$.

manage cost


Famous saying in software: Quality, Speed ,Cost or Good, Fast and Cheap. pick any two. Our pick is never compromise on quality: we maintain the quality of software by testing, well documented, meets your requirement and don't let you in the middle of the road ohh means customer experience.

How we charge

Quality comes at cost, we charge optimum cost. How we do this by using the right technology, tool and tricks of the trade.

time manage


As the technology is rapidly changing we can’t wait for years to deliver the software. There are new methods which breaks down the software cycle to days and weeks. Enough saying but don't compromise on the other two. Because good things take time.


Software is not like a new home or new car that last long for years. Software is like a baby which require adult supervision at all time. Once software developed it needs constant monitoring, upgrades, security patches, well techie do this by looking at the screens all the time oops kidding. Well we automate all these so we get alert if anything require attention. We regularly keep the software uptodate against bugs, security holes and anything in between. We will inform you that possibly affect the business.